Our Quality Policy

At Telnycs, we are committed to providing repair and maintenance services for high-tech electronic access and switching systems that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, developing our staff with professionalism, technical ability and creativity; Continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system within a framework of corporate social responsibility.

ISO 9001:2015

Quality is our hallmark and our most precious asset. So Telnycs is certified IQNet EMIS and the NMX-CC-9001-IMNC-2015 / ISO 9001:2015.


As part of our continuous improvement, we are certified in IPC "Certified Coach" (CIT) in the global standard IPC 610E Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies and IPC 7711/21 Rework / Repair and Modification of Electronic Assemblies.


Security is not a department, it's a compartments. Telnycs has the certifiacion in the area of control of the ESD Electrostatic Discharge Association Mexico, AC, in order to contribute to the welfare of the community Electronics, Microelectronics, Telecommunications and related.

TELNYCS partnered with IndustrialesMX since it is a civil association that is legally constituted, in which industrial groups that seek support and representation are grouped. It is independent of the government, nonpartisan, without political commitments and supports its operation with its own resources and those of its affiliates.

Their Objectives are:

  • Be a spokesperson for the businessman.
  • Manage matters for the benefit of the industrial sector.
  • Link with the three levels of government.

  • It offers the industry services and advice for the correct operation and competitiveness of the organization, according to the needs with preferential cost in: environmental consulting, safety and hygiene, occupational health, training, advice, job board, business events, management of procedures, among others.

    Reasons why TELNYCS was associated with IndustrialesMX

  • It is a legally constituted organization.
  • Its members are businessmen of high moral solvency.
  • It has no political commitments, it is independent and autonomous.
  • Inform your union members in a timely manner.
  • Defend the legitimate interests of the sector.
  • For its serious work, it has the support of important national and foreign companies.

  • Occupational Safety

    In TELNYCS have been adopted security practices regarding the repair process generates waste such as: Components of all types of welding and Tow Waste used.
    These wastes are segregated in special containers for each waste type. Training was conducted with personnel involved in the importance of separating each of the waste.

    Physical Security

    APersonnel involved with the operation of latent risk to health such as welding activities and use of compressed air, you have conducted tests to measure the level of lead in the blood and tests audiometry.
    Every desk consider a range hood to prevent inhalation of harmful vapors, arising from the welding activity.

    Environment Policy

    The Telnycs environment policy is based on the prevention and control of pollution, through compliance with applicable regulations and standards, as well as ongoing improvement aimed at reducing environmental impact. To achieve this, Telnycs is committed to:

    • Make use of processes, practices, material or products that can cause zero or minimal impact to the environment.
    • Communicate the implementation of this policy with all the staff ang general.
    • Recycle.
    • Work together with its customers to be able to provide the appropriate treatment for waste which generates high environmental impact.