Repair and Maintenance Services

  • Telecommunications equipment repair, computing, printing, optical and radio communication
  • Maintenance (HW-SW-FW) telecommunication systems, electronic and print
  • Repair and Upgrade
  • Multi vendor (Switch, ONT, UPS, Monitors, CPU's, POS, Printers)
  • Products, Services (Pre-screening, Refurbish, etc.))

  • Administration and Logistics

  • Storage
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics
  • Statistical Control
  • Personnel management with specific technical scope

Service and Support

  • Specialized assistance L1
  • Support via remote and on-site
  • Testing and certification
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Updates on Software, Hardware and Firmware

Sale and Repair

  • Sale and repair of Cards, Electronic Components and Parts
  • Sale and repair of modules and PB's
  • Sale and repair of PC's, Laptop's, Tablets, Point of Sale (POS), ATM, PIN pads, printing, monitors and displays

You will receive the service you expect at the agreed time with the promised features

With the help of Telnycs, your company can have a secure communications infrastructure for high performance.

As a leading supply chain strategic partner of our clients, we strive to be at the forefront of technology, ensuring no interruption in service repair as new products are developed and deployed by our customers.

Us offer Multi vendor services logistics, services and electronic maintenance repair with a focus on developing innovative software and hardware services as value-added promotions and discounts apply for each solution, with a commitment to give our customers comprehensive solutions and the highest quality technology to its requirements for goods and services, based on commitments of functionality, reliability and security.

We have the area of laboratory diagnosis and repair to component level, where we offer service preventive maintenance and / or corrective for their teams.


  TELNYCS system has a real-time reports of the repair process, identifying status   of repair orders, inventory location card, times and has an overall record, and provide a better monitoring and control of all happens so satisfying to the organization and the customer.

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